use @getpid[I32]()
use @kill[I32](pid_t: I32, sig: U32)
use @raise[I32](sig: U32)

interface SignalNotify
  Notifications for a signal.
  fun ref apply(count: U32): Bool =>
    Called with the the number of times the signal has fired since this was
    last called. Return false to stop listening for the signal.

  fun ref dispose() =>
    Called if the signal is disposed. This is also called if the notifier
    returns false.

primitive SignalRaise
  Raise a signal.
  fun apply(sig: U32) =>
    ifdef osx then
      // On Darwin, @raise delivers the signal to the current thread, not the
      // process, but kqueue EVFILT_SIGNAL will only see signals delivered to
      // the process. @kill delivers the signal to a specific process.
      @kill(@getpid(), sig)