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Format package

The Format package provides support for formatting strings. It can be used to set things like width, padding and alignment, as well as controlling the way numbers are displayed (decimal, octal, hexadecimal).

Example program

use "format"

actor Main
  fun disp(desc: String, v: I32, fmt: FormatInt = FormatDefault): String =>
    Format(desc where width = 10)
      + ":"
      +[I32](v where width = 10, align = AlignRight, fmt = fmt)

  new create(env: Env) =>
      (let x, let y) = (env.args(1)?.i32()?, env.args(2)?.i32()?)
      env.out.print(disp("x", x))
      env.out.print(disp("y", y))
      env.out.print(disp("hex(x)", x, FormatHex))
      env.out.print(disp("hex(y)", y, FormatHex))
      env.out.print(disp("x * y", x * y))
      let exe = try env.args(0)? else "fmt_example" end
      env.err.print("Usage: " + exe + " NUMBER1 NUMBER2")

Public Types