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Ini package

The Ini package provides support for parsing INI file formatted text.

  • Currently does not support multi-line entries.
  • Any keys not in a section will be placed in the section ""

Example code

// Parses the file 'example.ini' in the current working directory
// Output all the content
use "ini"
use "files"

actor Main
  new create(env:Env) =>
      let ini_file = File(FilePath(FileAuth(env.root), "example.ini"))
      let sections = IniParse(ini_file.lines())?
      for section in sections.keys() do
        env.out.print("Section name is: " + section)
        for key in sections(section)?.keys() do
          env.out.print(key + " = " + sections(section)?(key)?)

Public Types